Electrical Wiring Inspection

There are other electrical issues that could be far more dangerous than knob and tube wiring in your building. For instance, an electrical contractor may have added more wires to the knob and tube system in order to prevent a fire hazard. This hardly works and in fact, it can cause old electrical circuits to blow out often. You will end up buying a larger fuse to prevent the circuits from breaking but this does not solve the underlying problem. Keep yourself safe from fire hazards and avoid recurring costs by fixing the buildings’ wiring once and for all.

Wiring can experience damage due to household pests that eat on the insulation leaving the wires exposed. Knob and tube systems also contain a lot of space around the wires allowing heat to dissipate. If you want to find out if your building has knob and tube wiring or you have any questions regarding the current electrical system, call ON Energy today. We’ll deal with every aspect of wiring so you don’t have to live in fear of a fire hazard anymore.

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