What you need to know about ceiling fans.


Are ceiling fans really that efficient?

A ceiling fan installation can be very effective for cooling down your home by moving air. 

Ceiling fans use about as little power as a 40-60 Watt light bulb, which is a tiny amount when compared to the 2000-3000 W consumed by the air conditioner. This makes the ceiling fans very affordable, the cost may be less than one cent per hour.

Ceiling fans may also be used with air conditioners to make them more efficient. The idea is that the fan helps to drive cool air around the room, preventing it from pooling at ground level and reducing the overall need for the air conditioner to be operating. An added bonus is that this technique is also very effective for evenly distributing warm air from a heater in winter.

 How high should ceiling fans be?

The standard ceiling height is 2.4 meters / 7 feet from the floor. The standard installation height for ceiling fans is at least 2.1m from the floor to the blades of the fan, and at least 300mm from the walls. 


Cheap to install and operate

Able to enhance air conditioners and heaters

Low maintenance

A broad range of styles


Dangerous for tall people, or houses with low ceilings

Can be noisy

Provide cooling sensation rather than actual cool air.

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